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Personal Home Page of Szabolcs Parragh

Welcome to my homepage

As you may have noticed, this homepage is in Hungarian. For you folks, who do not speak Hungarian--the language that you really should learn--but who, Lord knows what way, finally got here, I wrote a few words.

Well, I'm Szabolcs Parragh and I decided to publish a few pages about my interests on this site. So here you can find some papers I wrote on different subjects (most of them remain in the field of humanities though), some Linux tips and tricks, longer howtos, sharing my experience as a sysadmin and a developer, and finally a growing list of articles about Java EE technologies, the area where my interests mostly lie in nowodays.

If you got to this page, and are apt to stay for a while, please don't use Internet Explorer. I spent quite a few hours making the look-and-feel of this site (CSS and all) and since the most commonly used browser of the biggest (or almost) company on Earth is not capable of supporting the W3C standards, I would recommend the open source alternative: Firefox

You may find my official CV in English here. For those of you, who are not interested in the details just a few lines about me:

I was born and lived all my life here, in Budapest. Studied history, literature and philosophy. Currently I'm working as a Java EE developer in a small company called NiR Ltd..

I'm a fan of the Free and Open Source Movement, hope I can contribute to their success somehow. My other obsession is philosophy (largely main-stream stuff, nothing esoteric), so I hope I'll be able to help them (us) by giving a detailed philosophical argumentation why free software is a big deal. That may be of value if we plan to make the social background wider.

So, that's all. For you guys who know me in person: Hi there!

For those of you, who are still inclined to get in touch with me, my e-mail address is:


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